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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Playing Tiny Atlas

We will publish a detailed document before the Tiny Atlas world becomes operational. Playing on Tiny Atlas will take place in several stages:

A player who has a country/empire on one of the current worlds, will be able to get a country on Tiny Atlas, You will be able to look around and make a choice for a country. Once you decide, the country can be reserved for 30 gold coins.

The country must be prepared to be able to accept new population. The initial population will be around 3.500.000 and declining. The country will have no food, no corporations and in fact no economy to speak of. At this stage, the presidents priority will be to transfer food and materials to the country by use of cargo shuttles, from other countries. Everything must be moved over. There is no market to purchase anything and with lack of food, people will not survive. Players will have to find out what the population uses based on what they use in other countries they have and transport large quantities of supplies into their country. They will need many cargo shuttles and enough supplies in their other countries to be able to build sufficient supply levels in their country on Tiny Atlas. You are advised not to start moving people as they might not survive without sufficient supplies.

Once supply levels can support the existing population, levels must increase further to support more population. Population transfers can start and at the same time, more supplies must be brought from the existing countries to prevent any shortages. Shortages of food, but also other shortages, will result in disastrous death rates and decline of the population. Increasing the numbers of the population is essential if players want to be able to start corporations and mainly, the production of rare metals that can be found on Tiny Atlas.

Once a country on Tiny Atlas manages to support its growing population, players will have to build a health system, education and transportation. Once in place, the country could start building corporations and create local production to be able to grow the population and reduce the dependency on transports from other planets.

Each country on Tiny Atlas will have at least one deposit of a rare metal and will be able to mine it and transport products to the other planets. The rare metals that can be mined on Tiny Atlas will be essential in the production of advance products, including several types of weapons and ammunition that have capabilities that are currently not available. More information on these products will be published when Tiny Atlas becomes operational.

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