Operating Cost of the army

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What is Simcountry?
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Operating Cost of the army

The monthly cost of the army is showing on the financial overview page and includes all the cost of maintaining the army. Some of the cost is in services, military services, electric power, and fuel. Much of the cost however, is for use of ammunition for day to day training of the army.
Some weapon systems are not using any ammunition for training yet. The cost is entirely in services and other materials.

We will now repair this omission by shifting cost from services and military services into ammunition, for some of these weapon systems. All the nuclear weapons will quite obviously, never use ammunition for training.

Offensive navy helicopters are now using small quantities of Navy Helicopter missiles. We have reduced the amount of services used and the total cost remains unchanged. To prevent shortages, one hundred helicopters now use 3 missiles per game month. It should be raised in the future but the total cost of maintaining navy helicopters will remain unchanged.

Using ammunition on monthly bases is an improvement from the use of services. It is more realistic and it helps to keep the industry that produces these missiles, alive.

In the past, ammunition producing corporations were prone to unstable demand and often bankrupted, leaving us with no production capacity at all when large wars took place.

Steady use of ammunition in peace time stabilized the ammunition industry for all weapons for which this feature was implemented more than one year ago. More players discovered that these corporations became stable and produce profits.

The same will be implemented for several remaining weapon systems in the coming weeks. This includes navy fighters and seals units.

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