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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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New Product - Selenium

A new product, Selenium, will be added to Simcountry on June 15. Selenium will be used initially as a new product in the glass industry. It will be traded initially on all the worlds and later on the Lyncis space station only. Corporations producing Selenium can be built on the WG world and on the GR world.

In order to avoid damage to any existing corporations, Selenium will be traded after its introduction, on all world markets and will be available immediately. This will allow all glass producing corporations to purchase Selenium they will need in their production process.

Once the introduction process is completed and the markets are stable, trading will be moved to the space station Lyncis. This will be announced in the game news, ahead of time.

During the introduction period, the glass production will be monitored and the market will be stabilized to prevent any change in the availability of glass.
The introduction of Selenium will not have any adverse effect on corporations that are using glass in their production process as they will be able to purchase glass on all markets and availability will be guaranteed.

Possible interventions will end one month after the introduction of Selenium or earlier if there is no need for such interventions.

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