New Players - first 14 days.

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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New Players - first 14 days.

Some support functions for new members have been enhanced and some cannot be turned off. It is important that the country is tuned correctly and it is not easy when you are very new to the game.

Some players used to 'tune' the country parameters wrongly, not knowing the consequences and turned the economy of these new countries down very quickly.

Some parameters are now fixed and cannot be turned off during the first 14 days. The country will be steered to profitability and growth.

After 14 days, the player can take full responsibility, assuming he then has a better understanding of the game.

The parameters that cannot be turned off include the quality of products that are being bought by the country (120) and its corporations (150). Corporation buildup and closings also cannot be turned off. In addition, the tuning of the education system to make sure there are enough workers in all groups and also the automatic purchasing and selling of products remain on during that period.

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