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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Navies in Simcountry have always been very large. There was in fact no limitation on the number of weapons per navy ship. This is of course unrealistic and an update is long overdue.

The problem became even much larger after the introduction of army units that are limited in size. The only limitation on navies is in the number of weapons, per type of weapon, that can be used in a single attack.

The problem will be solved in two steps. The first one is installed in Simcountry today.

The number of navy weapons that can be used in a single attack is now reduced to 400 per weapon type. This limitation will reduce the problem as the defense will become relatively larger while an attack will become less devastating.

The next update that will be installed next week on Tuesday Feb. 10, will reduce the max size of a navy, in several steps, to the size of a large military unit and also set a maximum to the total number of weapons that can be used in a single attack.

Very large navy units will see their numbers decline and the unused weapons will be placed in the reserves.

To keep large numbers of navy weapons active, you should have more navies and distribute the available weapons over a larger number of navy units.

We will make sure that the navy remains an important part of the war game but will prevent it from being much more destructive than any other unit in the game.

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