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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Natural Resources

A new system is introduced to manage natural resources in all countries.

A description of the feature is placed on the forum and on the Nat. Resources page.

The page link is placed under the Indexes button on the header of the country page.

One of the functions, allowing you to find countries where a specific resource can be found, is under construction and will be added within one week.

In the first hours, existing raw materials corporations will show an error message, warning that the corporation will close for lack of resources.

This message is wrong and will disappear after another month is processed. This will be at about 11 am EST.

All corporations have now an added data block showing the remaining resource the corporation can mine. The data block is only relevant for natural resource producing corporations and shows the remaining product.

The data block is also showing on all other corporations, showing zero remaining product. This data block is not relevant for non-natural resources corporations and will be removed later this week.

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