Military Units quality coming soon.

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Military Units quality coming soon.

Military unit quality will start functioning on Tuesday Jan. 12. The quality will depend on the quality of the weapons but will be also limited by a minimum and a maximum quality of weapons and ammunition in the units.

Units already are showing quality properties but the current value is 100. The values will be allowed to move up or down when the feature is activated but will remain in the range of 80 to 120.
The computation of the real quality will depend on the quality of the weapons and ammunition the country that were used for the setup of the military units.

The initial quality of the units will depend on the average quality of the weapons divided by 2. The same will apply to ammunition.
When military units are supplied with weapons and ammunition to replace used ammunition and lost weapons, the quality of the supplied weapons and ammo, will have an influence on the average in the unit.

Purchasing high quality weapons and ammunition now makes sense as this will determine the initial quality of the unit.

If you plan to upgrade your units in the future to very high quality, we recommend that you start purchasing weapons and ammunition of higher quality. Purchasing weapons and ammunition at quality 260 will result in a start value of 130 in the units and a 30% increase in the power of the unit.

The next steps in the implementation:

1. The feature will become visible for garrisons. It is currently implemented for garrisons but it does not show up.
2. Features will be added to allow for upgrading of military units, using the weapon and ammunition upgrade products. Weapons will be upgraded once per game month by one point if the unit is tagged to be upgraded and if a sufficient number of upgrade products is available.
Ammunition will also be upgraded if the unit is tagged for upgrading and the ammunition upgrading products are available in sufficient numbers. Ammunition quality will be upgraded by two quality points per game month.
3. The war engine will be updated to allow high quality units and low quality units to function according to their quality level.

These changes will be completed in the coming weeks.

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