Max number of Corporations in countries

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What is Simcountry?
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Max number of Corporations in countries

Countries in all worlds can have up to 1000 corporations. We think that very large numbers of corporations are hard to manage and in fact do not make much sense. Having a very strong industry, that is capable of very large production of many productsr, is however very important.

Simcountry never had any problem with this 1000 corporations limit because the max population was at 100 to 150 millions and these countries were not able to build so many corporations. We now have several countries with a population of 600 million and some are bumping into this limit.

The solution for the problem is in making corporations larger. If corporations become larger, they will produce more, employ more people, make a larger profit and become even more beneficial for their owners (in this case the countries).

If corporations become larger, the number of corporations that can be built in a country will decline. If for example, 800 corporations will be able to produce the same as 1000 corporations produce now and employ the same number as 1000 corporations did before, the problem of max 1000 corporations will be resolved and players will manage 800 corporations instead of 1000.

we think that both 800 and 1000 are too many but when you have a population of 600 million you are in a complex situation.

We have now slightly increased the mumber of workers in some corporations. The total effect is probably around 1%. We cannot make large changes or we will destabilize the world economy. we will repeat such changes. In the process, these larger corporations will produce more products, consume more too and their profits will increase proportionally.

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