Lower Numbers in the game

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Lower Numbers in the game

As exchange rates declined in recent months or years, so did other parameters. In general, all amounts in the game have declined recently and will continue to do so. Salary levels are lower, product pricing too. Income and cost of countries declined proportionally, corporation?s turnover and cost became lower.

The declines are always minute. Their effect is long term as very small movements continue week by week. In time, it has resulted in smaller profits and smaller losses for all entities in the game.

However, when measured in gold coins, numbers have increased.

Total assets value in Simcountry more than tripled in the past year and profits in numbers of gold coins jumped.

Numbers in Simcountry used to be very large and everything was measured in trillions or hundreds of trillions. Numbers are now lower but remain very high although 1T in game money is now worth 10 gold coins while it used to be less than one gold coin in the past.

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