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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Low cash levels

Some countries have very low cash levels and are unable to function. These countries are unable to purchase materials and are in fact out of the control of the player.

Currently, countries are falling into this category if their cash level is lower then -20T. The countries are in fact close to bankruptcy.

Bankrupting such countries will not solve the problem because their debt will be inherited by another country in the empire and can lead to the fall of more countries.

To prevent such bankruptcy, a last ditch effort takes place to try and save the country.
Loans are automatically reduced; tax levels in corporations are increased. If unemployment is high, new corporations are created and workers are moved more easily between groups to enable easier hiring, reducing unemployment and improving the income of the country.

In addition to these measures that are aimed at increasing income, the army of such countries will be deactivated. All weapons will be moved to the reserves and the cost of the army will decline.

We expect that with all these measure, countries will become profitable. If they do and cash levels begin to increase, the countries will come out of this de facto bankruptcy and start to function normally. The correction measures will stop but salary levels, taxes etc. will not move back to previous values.

The president will regain control of the country and will hopefully keep it solvent.

All such measures can be prevented if the countries with low cash receive cash injections and their cash level is increased above the current limit.

The current limit of -20T will increase gradually. We expect it to be halved to -10T within the next weeks.

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