Low cash in countries and Enterprises - automatic management of failed countries

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Low cash in countries and Enterprises - automatic management of failed countries

In an effort to reduce shortages of cash in many countries, we have introduced features that take control of failing countries, blocking use of the country by the president and start optimizing conditions in the country to bring it back to profitability.

These functions are in place for several weeks and have been optimized again to improve conditions even faster.

We have looked into some countries under external management and it is clear that conditions do improve. We will continue to observe how the process works and may optimize it even further in the coming weeks.

The Measures already include tuning of the education system, automatic building of corporations to reduce unemployment, increase in taxes, reduction in salaries to very low levels and deactivation of the entire army. All purchasing of products cease to preserve cash and the country may see shortages in many products.

Corporations in such failing countries that are showing losses are tuned too. They reduce the quality when purchasing raw materials and optimize the sales and purchasing strategies. Salaries decline gradually down to a level 10 times lower than base levels and although the welfare index may decline, the corporations are squeezed to produce a profit.

Once cash levels increase above the minimum limit, all measures are stopped and the country returns to normal functioning.

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