Loans and Negative Cash ? New Players

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Loans and Negative Cash ? New Players

Loans and negative cash in countries are a problem for many new players and are also unhelpful for others.

One of the main reasons for new players to leave Simcountry is the problem of loans and negative cash.

Many new players are unaware of their spending and they are surprised to log in and find out that they have a loan.

we receive many mails from new players who are asking us why they have a loan while they never asked for one and how come we are lending them money automatically.

We are now making a major change in the way this works:

1. Everyone who started playing Aug. 1 or later will not receive any loans. Existing loans will not be touched but they will be paid back eventually and no new loans will be given.

2. When the cash of the country becomes limited, there are many limitations that are imposed on the account and purchasing becomes difficult. This is the current situation and it remains unchanged. More limitations might be imposed if the country continues with negative cash.
The score of the country and the game level will be reduced.

3. When a new player logs into a country that is out of cash, there will be an alert screen that shows the negative cash of the country and offers either to transfer cash from the player's account to the country, or to exchange several gold coins directly and have the money transferred directly to the country. If no gold coins are available, it will offer a direct, small purchase of 20 gold coins.

Also, when making a large purchase in the game for which there is no money in the country, the same alert screen will appear.

The player can ignore this screen and continue with negative cash.

Longer playing players remain unaffected by this but, we are convinced that playing with negative cash should not occur and urge everyone to prevent such situation, exchange gold coins for cash and resolve the cash situation.

In the coming weeks, we will gradually move to make it more difficult to get into a negative cash situation and keep such a condition for a long time.

This change is already installed today.

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