Large Population - Large Enterprises & Corporations

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What is Simcountry?
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Large Population - Large Enterprises & Corporations

Countries and Enterprises became more profitable in the past months and the trend will probably continue. This is true for most entities and nearly all types of corporations.

Population is larger in most countries, including C3 countries with a population of up to 28 millions, up from 22 and then 24 millions.

At the same time, we have also increased the maximum population numbers to 600 millions. We have eliminated enterprise tax for all enterprises with less than 750 corporations. (Nearly all enterprises). Exceeding these max sized makes very large countries and very large enterprises hard to manage.

The balancing of the work force becomes more difficult and very large enterprises cannot keep all their corporations profitable. The micro management of some types of corporations is undoable with these numbers.

Despite the declared limits and advise to keep countries and enterprises, under these limits, some players found workarounds that allowed them to surpass these soft maximum numbers.

The population limit of 600 million will become a hard limit and countries with more population will probably make a slow, soft landing and end up under 600 millions.

Huge enterprises also seem to be less profitable. Enterprise taxes are higher and reduce their financial power. Large enterprises with 750 corporations are easier and you can build multiple enterprises in each world. Enterprises can have many natural resource corporations which are becoming much more profitable.

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