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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Invading the enemy's country is part of every war and it requires you to conquer at least part of the area of the country you fight against.
There is an additional reason for using land units in war. That reason may not be known to everyone.
When you attack a land target, the destruction power of your weapons is higher if one of your land units is located close to the target you attack. The assumption is that with your forces being close to the target, you have more accurate information on the target which allows your forces to be more effective.

In the current round of improvements to the war game, we will consider a reduction in the need to conquer areas of the enemy's country or even eliminate it. On the other hand, attacking targets with no units close by will become even less effective and the level of destruction from the air will have to increase even further to replace the damage points you used to get by invading the country.

All in all, the war game will continue to offer the current functionality but will offer an alternative way of conducting war, especially when there is no common border. This way of waging war will require much more air power and missiles because they will need to destroy more targets and their efficiency of doing so will be reduced for the lack of land forces invading the country.

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