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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Intensified Support

We are convinced that new players need the support that makes playing easier, especially when you start. We have now intensified the support functions and extended their effects but we have also shortened the support period to 90 days.

Most players who asked for the interventions to stop, where playing beyond the initial 90 days.

The initial income support for new players is now increased form 33B per game month, to 50B per game month and the duration is now 360 game months, up from 180. The amount is 50B in the first game month and it starts declining each game month, like it did before this change. It is reduced to zero after the 360 game months period is completed. This change is already activated and has consequences for existing player. All new players in the first 360 game months will see their finances improve as a result of increased beginner's bonuses.

The duration of the interventions in the economy has now been reduced to the first 90 days but they apply to every new player even if the player is logging in each day. There are many types of interventions and they apply if needed.

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