Game levels change when a country is added to the empire

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Game levels change when a country is added to the empire

Game levels can change dramatically when you conquer or acquire a new country into your empire. The new country can pull the average of some of your indexes down and the empire may see its game level decline.

Low game levels of expanding empires, did not cause any problem until recently and the game level could be corrected quickly by developing the new country to the level of the empire, restoring the averages.

With the introduction of game level dependency when setting up new corporations, the game level decline can cause a problem. The game level can fall and it becomes impossible to setup some types of corporations. The current required maximum is 3 but it will increase in time to much higher levels for some types of products.

To prevent the sudden decline in the game level, we are now ignoring newly acquired or conquered countries in the first week after their inclusion in the empire. The game level is computed without taking the new countries into account and it will not decline after the war ended or after the country was acquired.

The delay will give everyone the opportunity to improve the new country and start bringing it up to the level of the other countries. One week later, the country will be part of the average and if nothing is done, the game level may drop. If the country was improved to the average or close to it, the game level will not drop or the effect may be reduced.

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