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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Game Extension Plan

Far away from the current five planets, a new, tiny planet was discovered. It is now called Tiny Atlas. The planet is deserted for many years. There are no inhabitants. There are several hundreds countries, no people, no corporations, nothing. The only one item in each country is a Space Center. The planet has 3 natural resources, rare metals, that are not available on the current planets. Countries have only one of the three resources but there are no corporations that can produce these rare metals from the available resources.

Initially, these three rare metals will be used for the production of several types of ammunition. One is a very powerful attack missile, another is an extremely effective defence missile. Production will probably take place on one of the current worlds. These ammunitions with the associated weapons will be very useful in war.

More special natural resources and more use cases may be found later and added. Possible also more planets with their own resources.

A new population function will make it possible to move up to 100.000 people to the new planet each month. There will be no other functions that can move people/exchange people or move any products. Money can be moved around by the direct trading functions for cash transfers.
Everything that might be needed for the survival of the population or to build facilities, or corporations on Tiny Atlas will have to be delivered by cargo shuttles, by anyone who wants to develop a country, or an industry on that planet.

Large shortages of food or any other essential products will cause population losses to the point of full destruction. Shuttles will travel long distances and need maintenance/fuel materials to make the long distance trips. Space fighters are optional, with a capability to disrupt shuttle flights but the option may remain unused.

Local education on Tiny Atlas, health and other functions will be needed if any industry is to be built and sustained on the planet. Markets will probably not function. direct sales might be used. wars can take place but will require some more logistics. transports will be costly and may take some time.

Gold coins are only required when purchasing a country and when keeping a country or an empire running, in the same way this is done on the other worlds. The cost of countries will be low as all countries have exactly one natural resource. Conquering countries is also an option.

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