Factory Utilization Numbers

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What is Simcountry?
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Factory Utilization Numbers

Factory utilization is shown as a percentage in the utilization table. It is intended to show the production capacity in the world for each product and the real production each month.
The utilization percentage cannot, in theory, become much higher than 100% because only a small number of corporations have production levels higher than 100%.

A quick look at the table will show that this is not true. There are much higher numbers.

The reason for these high percentages is that some players have products in stock; many of them being weapons and ammunition but also other products, and they can offer them on the market.

When large numbers of weapons are offered, it is very easy to reach percentages that are much higher than 100%.

The number of products offered does not mean that these products where produced in the past month. It is the number of products offered in the last month.

The numbers showing in the utilization table represent the quantities that were offered and requested at market price or priced within a small percentage off the market price.

Products that are offered at unrealistic prices and have no chance of being traded, are not counted in the utilization table and do not influence product pricing that is based on supply and demand at reasonable pricing.

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