Electric Power Corporations

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What is Simcountry?
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Electric Power Corporations

The "traditional" electric power corporations in Simcountry all use OIL. We have started a transition of these corporations and they are now using both oil and gas. we will gradually increase the amount of gas used and reduce the amount of oil that is used by these corporations. Maintenance of the wind farm is 400 to 600 millions year. They produce 15.000 units per year and these are now selling at 110.000 or more. this amounts to 1.5B per year. A wind farm cost might be around 45-70B. this is not bad to start with.

consider however that a high quality wind farms might produce 2 times more. and we expect the price of power to increase in the coming weeks and reach 200.000.

Buying wind farms in immediate mode will be very expensive. The price could reach 60-90 B.

We do not advise you to purchase wind farms in Immediate orders.

We are making more steps into computing CO2 emissions and wind farms and possible sun collectors will be a factor.

We are also reducing the output of oil/gas electric power generators and of nuclear stations. The output of these generators was oversized and we are bringing it back to more reasonable quantities.

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