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What is Simcountry?
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Efficiency Upgrades

Corporations can upgrade their efficiency but there is some confusion about these upgrades and their advantages.

Every efficiency upgrade reduces the work force of the corporation. The number of low and medium workers can be reduced by several hundred but on the other side, the number of managers and high tech workers and executive increases slightly.
In general, the efficiency upgrades reduce the work force but increase the average education level required for workers.

The total number of the work force decreases. The cost decreases slightly and decreases more if the salary level in the corporations is high. More workers become available to work in other corporations. The country can maintain more corporations with the same number of the population and the profitability of the corporations increases.

Increasing the efficiency of many corporations requires a good level of education that can deliver the larger numbers of higher educated works. If education fails, there will be shortages of professionals and corporations will not be able to hire the workers they need. The advantage of efficiency will turn into a disadvantage with reduced hiring and reduced production.

We have now started a process that will increase the advantages of the efficiency upgrades. The reduction in the number of workers will become more steep and the cost to the corporation too. Using efficiency upgrades in combinations with a good education system will result in more productivity and profitability.

A first step in this direction is part of the current upgrade.

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