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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Direct Trading - Service Oriented Products

The direct Trading feature is extended with the trading of all service oriented products.

This group of products was until today only traded on all world markets. The group includes some of the most important products in Simcountry, including Services, High Tech Services and Electric power.

These products cannot be put into a cargo shuttle to be shipped away. Buying these products means in fact, that you are contracting the services to be delivered to your countries or corporations.

They also include sport, recreation, vacation, air transport, etc.

The addition of these products to the direct trading market includes the following functions:

1. You can instantly move products from any of your countries or enterprises to the portal and store these products on your account.
2. You can instantly move products from your account to any of your countries and enterprises.

These two functions mean that these products can be moved freely within all your empires on any of the planets. There is no physical transport involved and the movement of products means that obligation to deliver services can be reassigned easily anywhere within your account.

3. You can offer these service oriented products for sale on the direct trading market and exchange them directly into gold coins.
4. You can purchase products that are offered on the direct trading market and receive them immediately, paying with gold coins.

This is very similar to the way game money is being exchanged on the direct trading market. Once you have bought the products, you can easily move them to any of your countries or enterprises.

The new functions will have far reaching effects on the world markets where the same products are traded. Shortages in one world could easily be eliminated if there is oversupply on another world.

This is already possible and is being practiced with products that are trading on space stations and can be moved by cargo shuttles.

It is even simpler with the trading of service oriented products on the direct trading market.

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