Debt and Negative Cash

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Debt and Negative Cash

Loans are given automatically to all players when their country cash is going into the red. The current limit is 8 T. When a country has 8 T in debt, it will not receive any additional loans and if spending continues at a higher rate than income, cash will go negative.

Negative cash has consequences to the country and spending is becoming more difficult. A country with negative cash cannot purchase any offensive or strategic weapons and even purchases of defensive weapons are now limited.

Some of the game support functions may be triggered and start reductions in salaries and interventions in education and corporations to try and reduce cost and bring the country back to profitability.

We advise players to prevent negative cash or very high loans. This can be done by timely reduction of cost, improved employment and by building more corporations. Even starting corporations, producing products that are in short supply will be profitable from the start.

In case you want to continue the buildup of the army or develop your country beyond the current availability of resources, we advise you to use some gold coins to exchange for game cash on the direct market. This can bring you cash level back up again and even help in paying back some of your debt.

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