Current Market Situation

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Current Market Situation

Although most corporations are able to purchase the raw materials they need, there are increasing shortages in some products and the availability of raw materials will depend on the purchasing strategy.

One special case is Factory Maintenance Units (FMU). The shortages of FMU are now larger. It is true that corporations are not blocked by shortages of FMUs and can purchase them later but also this will change in the future and a good supply of FMUs is essential.

FMU corporations are very profitable. They are large; require game level 5 or can be built by any enterprise. FMU corporations have produced profits during their entire existence. Hundreds more FMU corporations can be built and even then, the shortages will not disappear.

Other products showing permanent shortages and a very high price are currently ones that produce corporation upgrades.

We advise you to check the trade markets for products with major shortages. There are many such products and we advise you to build new corporations to produce them. Some players are closing failing corporations and use the free workers to build high profit corporations.

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