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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Corporate Orders

Many times, corporations place orders and these orders are not executed due to shortages on the market. The solution for players is to replace these orders by immediate orders, pay more but keep the corporations in production.

The replacement process requires many clicks, replacing orders one by one, in many corporations.

The Order tab on the corporations page, was until now, used to allow players to cancel corporate orders. canceling corporate orders however, is not done a lot and the tab was hardly used.

we have now added order replacement by immediate orders to the Orders tab.

you can now use the Orders tab to replace outstanding corporate orders by immediate orders and you can do this with a single click for any number of such orders.

If the cash flow of the corporation is insufficient, an order will not be executed but will be replaced by an immediate order that will be executed in the following month.

Our testing showed that in nearly all cases, all outstanding orders were executed in a single action.

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