Cargo Shuttles Corporations

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What is Simcountry?
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Cargo Shuttles Corporations

Producing Cargo Shuttles is a good business but has some strings attached.
A corporation that produces cargo shuttles will take more than a game year to produce one and the corporation needs large amounts of cash to pay for salaries and raw materials during an extended period while the cargo shuttle is constructed. The corporation has no income during that process and must be provided with a lot of cash or it may bankrupt.

When a cargo shuttle building corporation is starting operations, it is provided with close to 1T in cash from the country that is the owner of the new corporation. This amount will enable the corporation to build a cargo shuttle or even more than one with no need for extra cash.

Once a cargo shuttle is produced, it can only be sold to a country. This can be done in a direct sale.

A cargo shuttle that is sold to a country will automatically be placed in a space center in the country. This is not immediate and can take several hours to complete. If the country does not have a space center, the cargo shuttle will remain in stock but will not be of any use. It can be sold to another country but cannot be used unless the owner country has a space center.

Once the cargo shuttle is placed at a space center, it can be used for missions and it can be offered for sale on the direct trading market.

A cargo shuttle cannot be sold on the world market. The only place to trade cargo shuttles is on the direct trading market and recent prices for a quality 100 cargo shuttle went around 2 GCs or a little more. We expect the price to go up in the near future.

The current cost of production for a quality 100 cargo shuttle, is about 50B-80B which is about 1.5 Gold Coins.

The cash flow of cargo shuttle corporations must be checked from time to time to make sure that there is sufficient amount of money available to allow the corporation to continue its operations.

Enterprise owned cargo shuttle corporations can also sell their products in direct contracts. An enterprise can store cargo shuttles but cannot use them in any way. Once sold to a country, they will be placed in the space center of that country and become operational.

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