Cargo Shuttle Transports

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What is Simcountry?
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Cargo Shuttle Transports

Tiny Atlas is quite far from the current 5 worlds and cargo shuttle flight will be longer and require more shuttle maintenance units per flight. Sufficient numbers of shuttle maintenance units must be caried on the cargo shuttles with every transport flight and include more such maintenance units for the flight back. In cases when cargo shuttles do not have sufficient numbers of maintenance units, the cargo shuttle will deteriorate and it life expectancy will be diminished more quickly.

You are advised to have many shuttle maintenance units in stock at your space centers, both at the source country and on Tiny Atlas to be sure missions can take place using maintenance units to preserve the life span of the cargo shuttles.

Due to the longer flight time to Tiny Atlas, it will be probably necessary to keep a larger number of cargo shuttles to be able to run multiple transports. As in the current situation, transports will use up to 20 cargo shuttles simultaneously if these are available.

Each flight to Tiny Atlas will be counted as 10 missions and also use 5 maintenance units. If no maintenance units are available, the cargo shuttle will age faster and the mission will count for 50 regular ones.

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