Cargo Shuttle Aging and Maintenance

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What is Simcountry?
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Cargo Shuttle Aging and Maintenance

Cargo shuttles can run a limited number of missions and will retire when the number is reached. It is now possible to see how many missions are left for each cargo shuttle and a message is issued when the number is close to zero. When retired, a cargo shuttle will not allow loading of new products but unloading it will remain possible. If a retiring cargo shuttle is left loaded for several days, it will be retired and its cargo will be lost.

A high quality cargo shuttle will be able to run more missions than a lower quality one. If quality is 100, a cargo shuttle will be able to fly 1000 missions. At quality 200, the number is doubled to 2000.

A mission between a space center and a space station or between space stations will be counted as a single mission. Flying between space centers counts for 2 missions.

When starting a new mission, a cargo shuttle will be required to use one space craft maintenance unit. This product is available on all worlds and is traded on the space station Libra. It is the player's responsibility to have such a maintenance unit either on the shuttle itself or at the space center or docking station where the shuttle is launched for its next mission.

If a maintenance unit is not available, the shuttle will age 5 times faster.

The spacecraft maintenance units are available in simcountry now and can be bought and stored at space centers and docking stations.

The feature including the use of maintenance units will be part of Simcountry starting with the next upgrade in the first days of June.

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