C3 wars - Gold coin and money awards

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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C3 wars - Gold coin and money awards

Winning a war against a C3 country of a higher war level delivers gold coins awards on all the worlds. These awards are described in the war level documentation. The awards are 5 times higher on FB than they are on the other worlds. War level awards can be earned once for each war level. A second war against a C3 country of the same war level will not deliver any new gold coins.

When winning a war against a C3 country, the winner also earns an amount of money which is stored in the country and can be moved out. The amounts are now higher and match the amounts mentioned in the documentation. This was wrong in the past week after the documentation was updated and the game function was not. We have invited players who won a war against a C3 country in the past week and found a smaller amount of game cash than the amount described in the documentation, to mail the game master and describe what happened. We have verified the data and have given them the missed funds.

Repeated wars against a C3 country of the same level deliver repeated game money awards. This may be changed in the future and amounts may decline when war at the same level is repeated. Moving up the war levels will deliver more.

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