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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Bankrupt Countries

Countries with negative TOTAL assets are considered bankrupt. Negative total assets mean that the total of all assets, including government assets, materials, weapons and ammunition, the total value of all corporations the country owns, and the total of all cash and loans is negative.

A warning is shown on the account and the country page that bankruptcy is pending and the number of months you have to correct the situation. If bankrupt, the total negative assets will be paid by the main country in the empire. Correcting the problem ahead of time, ends up cheaper than letting the bankruptcy take place.

To allow more time for everyone to fix what needs to be fixed, we are resetting all warnings back to a period of two weeks. (84 game months).
Please transfer some cash to these countries, make it cash positive and purchase the missing materials.

A lot is said about this recently.
However, we do not expect any large number of countries to bankrupt. Small players and beginners are financially supported and none will bankrupt.
We expect a very small number of countries, members of large empires that are unwilling to support the weak links in the group.

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