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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Back to school education and rehabilitation clinics

Currently up to 15% of people in the disabled and housewives categories can return to the job market. We have now increased the percentage to 40%. Return to the job market depends on the number of people in the country that work for private and public corporations.

The reason for the limitation was that the distribution of these people among age groups was complex and could result in negative numbers of workers in some groups. We have chosen for 15% to reduce such risk. There were no problems to date and players voted for an increase in the percentage. We assume that the simulation will work OK with the larger numbers (the problem is in the numbers remaining in the age groups).

If this change will not cause any problems, we will increase the percentage even higher.

The return of people to the job market, increases the participation level in the job market. The participation level will become an important indicator in the development level of countries and will have economic consequences.

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