Auto Response Units in your Army

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Auto Response Units in your Army

Countries can setup auto response units as part of their army. There are currently two types of auto response units: Stealth Bomber Wings and Mobile Conventional Missiles Units. These units can be used both as active units in attacking your enemy during war and as auto response units that will react to attacks on your country.

The configuration feature for these units is now improved. For both types, you can decide what exactly these units will attack in case they are automatically triggered. You can decide on a sequence of possible targets. The units will try to attack the first target in this sequence. If there is anything it can attack it will execute the attack. If no such targets exist or the weapons of the auto response unit have no effect on that target, the auto response unit will move to the next priority in the sequence and try the same.

All the possible targets are shown when the unit is configured and you can chose for a sequence of three alternatives. The number will be increased to six alternatives in the next update.

A new feature is added to the "sequence" the player can setup, for the auto response unit to "Attack the attacker". Using this option, the auto response unit will try to attack the unit that was recently used to attack your country and will try to destroy it.

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