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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Auto Defense Units

A new type of military units will be introduced to Simcountry in the coming weeks. This (mobile) unit will have only ballistic missile batteries and many anti missile batteries to protect the ballistic weapons.
The units will react automatically to attacks on the country and will actively attack targets in the attacking country to cause damage and prevent the continuation of the attacks.

The units will become part of the defense in case the player is not available to fight the war. A country could set up a number of such units and reduce or eliminate the need for temporary war protection.

Temporary war protection cost the players gold coins and the number of gold coins needed, will probably increase in the future. Setting up auto defense units will be a way to reduce or eliminate the need for temporary war protection, replacing it by real protection and a deterrent against an enemy.

Players will be able to define priorities for counter attacks, including a reaction to an enemy effort to destroy the country by use of nuclear weapons.

Mobile Intelligence Units

Mobile Intelligence Units are designed to collect military information about their surroundings. When clicking on the unit on the map, you will be able to get all the information about objects within a distance of 25 around the unit. The unit will provide full information about these objects including weapons, ammunition quality and the supply situation.

Mobile Intelligence units have the size of a brigade and include defensive weapons only. The fighting quality of the unit can reach a level of 500. The total size of the unit is 400 weapons. The unit is manned by 1300 military personnel including 900 professional soldiers and 400 professional officers.

Mobile Intelligence Units can move across all borders. When entering a country that is not in war with the country that owns the unit, there is no possibility to attack any targets. The unit can move around the country and will not be blocked by any objects or local army units.

The country that is being crossed by such mobile units is able to attack the mobile intelligence units. The unit will use its weapons to try and fend off the attack. Mobile Intelligence Units are unable to cross the sea between continents.

The units includes the following weapons:
Defensive Missile Batteries 100
Defensive Missile Interceptor Batteries 60
Defensive Anti Aircraft Batteries 40
Defensive Tanks 100
Defensive Jeeps 100

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