Army Units and weapons range - New Feature

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What is Simcountry?
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Army Units and weapons range - New Feature

A major change to the way army-units function is installed in Simcountry today, solving some weapon range issues that have limited the use of some of the offensive weapons.

Army units used to have a range of about 35. Any target within that distance to a military unit, could be attacked by all the weapons in the unit that were effective against the target. This is now changed.

Some weapons in the unit may have a different range than the range of other weapons in the unit and the effectiveness of the unit against a specific target now depends on the distance of the unit from the target, the individual range of weapons in the unit and the type of the attacked target.

At a distance of less than 35, all weapons may be effective while at a distance of 200, only some missile types may be effective while some of the land based weapons become unusable because their range is shorter.

This change means, for example, that land to sea missiles that have a very long range and are part of a military unit, remain effective when the target is far away at sea, and at a distance that greatly exceed the previous limit of 35.

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