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bullet Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Game basics

Simcountry runs five virtual worlds, each with continents, regions and countries. There are many countries in each world. Each country is ruled by a leader, who has unlimited powers, and runs the country with full freedom of action.

Peaceful players have their country in "Secured Mode" and war will never be a risk. For players who fully participate in the war game, preparing a good defense is a challenge.

The economy of the country includes the industry and production capabilities of its corporations. The president is expected to run these corporations, set up purchasing and sale strategies, hire and fire workers and manage the corporate finances.

Simcountry is based on a real economic model that is market oriented with products offered and bought on the free market. Direct trading with other Leaders and with enterprises is also part of the game.

Thousands of people around the world play together and compete for the top slots on the ranking list.

Good players receive awards when they climb to the top positions and when they achieve higher game levels.

Table of Contents:

1. You are the President
2. How does Simcountry work?
3. When you register to Simcountry
4. Simcountry Runs Six Game Months Each Day
5. The world date and daily processing.
6. Playing the Peaceful Game in Secured Mode
7. Playing the Full game including the War Features
8. Temporary War Protection
9. Many Countries do not have a President yet
10. Inactive accounts and Countries
11. The Enterprise Game
12. When you start playing
13. Finance is important
14. There are many corporations producing many Products
15. Employment level in your country
16. Education - the key to success
17. Learning more about Simcountry
18. Security of Countries and Assets in Simcountry
19. Playing The Peaceful Game
20. Who can play Simcountry
21. Simcountry - Fast Track
22. Account Expirations (rewrite)
23. Awards in Simcountry
24. Hall of Fame
25. Playing frequently and running multiple countries
26. Alone or with your friends?

Simcountry Introduction