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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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When playing Simcountry, you can decide to play as a CEO of an enterprise. Enterprises are groups of corporations. When you play the enterprise game, you are building new corporations or you can takeover corporations owned by others and you build up your own enterprise that can include 10 corporations or it can be very large and include 750 corporations.

The objective of the CEO is to create a successful enterprise stretching over many countries, producing many products. The enterprise becomes successful if the corporations it owns are profitable and contribute their profits to the enterprise.

As CEO, you can trade in products and you can buy and sell corporations. You can bring corporations to the stock market and you can trade shares on that market gaining control of other public corporations trading there.

You can build up relations with other CEOs and presidents and participate in a common market with your friends and game partners.

Enterprise leaders have access to the direct trading market where game assets can be traded for Gold coins. Gold coins can be exchanged into game money and complete enterprises can be traded for Gold coins.

Table of Contents:

1. Playing The Enterprise Game
2. Starting Your Enterprise
3. Private Corporations
4. Managing your corporations
5. Make sure you always produce and sell
6. Production levels in the corporations
7. Employment in the enterprise
8. Find and buy corporations
9. Corporate Raiding
10. Purchasing Corporations from the "Gamemaster Corporations Enterprise".
11. Starting new corporations
12. Beginner CEOs
13. The number of Corporations in an enterprise
14. Enterprise Finance
15. Enterprise Income from profit sharing
16. Enterprise cost of purchasing corporations
17. Enterprise loans
18. Enterprise expenses
19. Enterprise score

Simcountry Introduction