Employment in the enterprise

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What is Simcountry?
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Employment in the enterprise

The employment in the enterprise is a measure for its success. Enterprises employ workers in their corporations and can only be successful if their corporations employ all the people they need and are able to produce at full capacity.

The ability to hire the people these corporations need depends on the salaries that are paid by the private corporations in comparison with salaries in other private corporations and in state owned corporations. The higher the salaries are, the more workers they get.

This creates competition between corporations in the country and can drive salaries very high, resulting in high cost for the corporations and reduction of their profits. Some corporations are driven into losses and may even bankrupt as result of salaries that are driven too high.

Corporation owners in a country will be smart to discuss salaries with the country's president to avoid this process. If they succeed, they may become more profitable and end up with more successful corporations with higher market value and a higher score.

Another aspect in employment is the availability of the people the corporation needs. A country president is able to set education priorities such that they will fit the needs of the corporations he owns. The enterprise is not able to change the education priorities and depends on the good will of the president in setting up the education priorities so that the needs of the enterprises are also satisfied.

It is the interest of every president to make sure that all the corporations in her/his country can find all the workers they need and function at full capacity.

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