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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Countries can set up lists of countries they want to boycott. A boycott will take place if enough countries are asking for it or if the Security Council votes for it.

A boycott that is activated by countries is always for 60 months. The boycott can have three severity levels.

Each country can enter up to 100 boycott requests against any other countries. The requests can be for a boycott or these requests can be to end a boycott, have the effect of anti boycott requests. There can be only one request for a specific country.

If there are 25 countries asking for a boycott against a single country, the boycott will start and will be for a single product. The product will be Services. If 50 countries declare a boycott, 5 products will be included (services, high-tech services, chemicals, Oil and computers). If 75 countries vote for a boycott, all products will be included.

Presidents can look at existing boycotts and at the total number of outstanding requests of boycott against any country.

Boycott requests count for 1 each. All anti boycott requests count for -1 each.

The boycott is against the country itself and all the corporations it owns. It is not including private corporations, these are not owned by the country.

The boycott is automatically supported by all countries in the world, both with and without a president and also by all enterprises.

Contracts between countries and common and local market contracts are excluded from any boycott and during the boycott period, new contracts between any countries and also common and local market contracts can be closed and will be executed. This means that boycotts can have a reduced effect if your friends decide to setup trading contracts and sell directly to your country and corporations.

Any request by a country for a boycott will be kept in the boycott list for 24 months. If at any time during that period there are enough requests for a boycott, it will start. The request may cause a boycott to take place but it may also fail in triggering a boycott. If at any time, a higher boycott level can be achieved with 50 or 75 countries, the boycott level will increase. If at some time during the boycott, the number of the boycotting countries will decrease, the boycott level may decrease but the boycott will not be eliminated unless the number of boycott requests by countries goes under zero. This means that the number of requests to stop the boycott is larger than the number of requests to continue the boycott.

When a boycott period is over, the country will have a boycott free period of 24 game months.

New players will have a boycott free period of 60 game months.

In empires, only the leader can vote on a boycott. This is done to prevent large empires from deciding on a boycott and executing the boycott by voting many times.

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