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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Building corporations

Each corporation needs a facility for production. Some need factories; some need offices with equipment and machines. Agricultural corporations need land and equipment and mines need equipment and other facilities. Depending on which corporation is being built, the cost may differ.

When you request the setup of a corporation, it results in a search on the market for capacity to build the corporation. You do not need to purchase production capacity it is taken care of automatically.

The capacity to build corporations is measured by the availability of Production Plants. These can be purchased on the open market. Available Production plants mean that there is someone on the market who is capable of building your corporation. You need one production plant for one corporation. When you setup a new corporation, an order for a production plant is issued which is in fact a contract for the building of the corporation. A shortage on the world market of production plants can cause delays in the building of corporations.

If a country already purchased several production plants in advance, it means that building contracts for corporations are in place. Ordering a corporation may become a little faster as you already have the capacity ready to go.

There is however no reason to order many "production plants" and keep them in stock. These objects cost billions and when unused they sit there and do nothing. The money is spent and there is no benefit for the country.

Users may try to square the market, order many production plants and drive the price up selling them later for more. This is however extremely costly and hardly possible to do and may end with a loss.

We advise you not to order many production plants and keep up to 3 or 4 in stock.

New corporations flash a "NEW" icon next to their name on the corporations list page. The icon stays there for one week and makes it easier to find new corporations on your list and manage them more carefully in the initial period.

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