Enterprise Income from profit sharing

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What is Simcountry?
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Enterprise Income from profit sharing

The enterprise income is mainly from sharing in the profits of its corporations. Private corporations pay a percentage of their after tax profits to the enterprise. The income is higher if the enterprise has a large number of successful corporations. Corporations with debt do not contribute to the enterprise but keep their profits to pay their debt first.

The enterprise also receives dividends from public corporations in which it has an interest and holds shares. If the enterprise is the largest shareowner of a corporation, that corporation will show on the list of public corporations that are controlled by the enterprise.

If the enterprise is not the largest share owner, the corporation does not show on that list but the enterprise will receive dividends as all shareholders of a public corporation receive the same dividend amount per share they own. The shares portfolio of the enterprise is shown on the share market pages. You can see all the corporations where the enterprise holds shares, the number of shares owned and their value. header name="Enterprise_income_from_selling"] Enterprise income from selling corporations

The enterprise can sell corporations and receives money in the process. These transactions are not always friendly but they do take place and a good CEO will make an effort to make all the corporations successful, reach a high market value and such takeover transactions will take place at a high price and produce a profit for the enterprise.

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