Enterprise cost of purchasing corporations

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What is Simcountry?
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Enterprise cost of purchasing corporations

When you take over corporations, the cost of such takeovers will show on the financial pages. This may be a very large item as the price of corporations may vary from several millions to hundreds of billions. Especially, when bidding to purchase a CEO owned corporation, a premium will be paid above the bid price for the corporation.

The premium on the price that is paid for such corporations depends on their market value. At market value under 200B, the purchase price will be increased by 50B. At a market price of 200B to 400B, the premium will be 100B and above 400B in market value, the premium will be 200B.

This means that setting up new corporations, purchasing corporations from C3 countries or purchasing corporations from the gamemaster Enterprise, is cheaper than hostile bids for corporations owned by a CEO.

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