The Strategic air force

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The Strategic air force

The strategic air force requires a strategic air base. The only airplane in use is the strategic bomber that is capable of carrying heavy nuclear payloads. The hydrogen bombs are extremely powerful and capable of destroying a large city including the capital.

The defense forces of the attacked country are likely to target these strategic bombers with nuclear defense missiles to prevent a possible attack.

The strategic air force is expensive to build and to maintain. Countries need a strong economy to be able to build and defend such a force against likely attacks.

Strategic Military Airports can be destroyed in war. The last airport will never be destroyed completely (max 99%) and will house the remaining strategic aircraft. When destroyed for 90% or more, weapons that are stationed at the base will not participate in the war effort. A strategic military airport can hold up to 20.000 strategic aircraft. If many more are available, more bases are needed or some of the aircraft will be moved to the reserves.

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