Building an Army - Military bases

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Building an Army - Military bases

To set up a military unit, (War menu, army unit features), the country needs specific weapons ammunition and materials that can be purchased on the product market (trading menu or the war menu). These weapons must be stationed in military bases and airports.

Starting the process, make sure your country has at least one defensive base, offensive military base, and also defensive and offensive air ports. All these objects can be purchased on the market and will show up on you map when they are delivered to the country. Some bases are already available when you enter the game.

Up to 50 military bases can be set up of each type. In addition to the defensive and offensive bases thare are also strategic military bases and strategic military airports.

Building of military bases depends on the number of weapons the country has. At least 1000 weapons are needed per military base before a new base can be set up.

The maximum number of weapons per military base is 20.000. If a country has more than 20.000 weapons per military base, some of the weapons will be moved to the reserves.

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