What happens during an attack?

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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What happens during an attack?

When attacking, you select a target on the map, or from the list of all targets, you choose the unit to use in the attack and you launch the attack.

When a target is attacked it will try to protect itself and destroy attacking weapons and missiles. The defense will use the garrison if one is available.
If the attacker uses air planes, the defense will be supported by the most capable defense interceptor wing. The defense will also be supported by one military unit that is positioned close enough to the attacked target and has weapons that can help in the defense.
The defense against an air force attack, will be supported by up to two air force units owned by federation members. These units must be within range of the attacked target and they must have weapons that are relevant to the defense. Being a member of a federation is extremely important.

You can launch repeated attacks against enemy targets and if you are successful, they will be destroyed. Sometime several attacks are needed. You see attack reports immediately after each attack.

The attacker can also just continue to attack and if your defense is not strong enough, the country could be damaged to the point of surrender.

Each country has a war index. When targets are damaged or destroyed, the index declines. When the index reaches zero, the war ends and the country is conquered.