The war game

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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The war game

If you want to participate in the war game, you should prepare and build an army and to start with, a good defense.

If you have chosen a country on the War World, Fearless Blue, you must have time to build the army. You can prevent war for 60 days by not starting any. You can try the war tutorial and start another war against a Computer Controlled Country (C3). and remain protected. After 60 days, you are moved to War Level 3 and you can be attacked.

On the other four worlds you can do the same but there is no time limit. You can remain peaceful by not starting wars. You cannot be attacked.

To fight, you need a good army. To build it, you will need money. Don't start a war if your army is not ready. There are players out there who will destroy your country.

Most players do play the war game. They win wars and add countries to their empires. Some are very large.