Fearless Blue - The war world

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What is Simcountry?
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Fearless Blue - The war world

Fearless blue is populated by mainly war players. Peaceful players are not welcome in Fearless Blue. For beginners, we recommend that you start playing in one of the other four worlds and leave the wars to the warlords. If you enter Fearless Blue together with a group of players and create a federation, your chances to prosper will improve. We do see many new players on Fearless Blue who learn quickly and build large empires.

The way to succeed in Fearless blue is by making war very expensive and very long for the attacker. Some of the warlords may drop the idea of an attack altogether, if they realize that it will not be easy to win and will not be over within an hour or two. We have seen recent entries into FB by single countries without an empire and without a federation to support them. They used a fast track strategy, investing fast in the development of their army, and survived.

Countries in FB are attacked for no reason. It is a war world they say, and new players are bombed out of existence by very large players who just enjoy the war game. You have 14 days of temporary war protection that you can turn on and you must build quickly. Players in war levels 1 and 2 cannot be attacked.

If you are interested in joining Fearless Blue than there are some hints that may help you survive. The strategy as we will describe here will frustrate such attacks and make such actions against you more expensive and less likely.

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