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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Building your country - corporations

To grow, you need income. Income comes from corporations.
You need many corporations but only if you have enough workers to work in these corporations.
Corporations hire many workers of all workers groups and if done correctly, the corporations produce great profits.

Corporations need raw materials. You can see on the corporation pages if they have all they need.

You should build corporations producing products that are in short supply. The building process will help you.

Natural resources corporations produce very high profits. Check the natural resources pages which resources are available in your country and use them.
For example: you cannot produce gold if you have no gold in the ground. But you may have many resources.

Check the available natural resources. You should have many resources. In case the number is small, you shoud consider exchanging the country and choose one with at least 70 resources available. You can discard your country and choose a different one.
You can check what you have on the natural resources pages. Natural resources corporations are the most profitable in the game. Check the profitability of your corporations. Close the ones that are not profitable and start natural resources corporations.