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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Automation Functions

To make it easier for starters, but also for others, playing in Game levels 1,2 and 3, Simcountry has several automation functions that are turned on by default for every new player.

The automation functions help players in advancing the country to a balanced economy and solve initial problems that might arise when a beginner is trying to tune education, health and manage orders or tune employment in the country.

The automation functions do not try to improve the country beyond game level 3 and will stop working when the country reaches level 4. The automation functions will not push education, transportation, healthcare or employment to very high levels but will help in the development of the country in the early stages.

Each function can be turned off any time if you prefer to be in full control.

A reporting page is available for each of the automated functions, to show what was done in the past month. It shows orders that were placed automatically etc.

The automation functions include:

Balancing the numbers of unemployed people in various groups.
The function uses the existing game rules and automatically moves professionals who are unemployed in high numbers, into workers groups if these show shortages. In the same way as in the manual function, the movements are limited to 100.000 people per game month.

The features are aimed at improvements in education that will set education priorities to levels that will take current availability of workers in all categories into account and try to adjust the priorities to the needs of the country.

The automation of education will gradually improve the education level in the country and try to increase the education index to a level of up to 120. This will improve the supply of educated professionals and make it possible to improve employment.

Together with the employment optimization functions, these features will help to improve the hiring levels in corporations and when hiring is close to 100%, start new corporations that produce products that are in short supply and require the highest game level the country can build.

Automatically ordering of supplies for the army.
This function places orders for all types of ammunition that are used by the army of the country and also military supplies and fuel, depending on the monthly use. To prevent many orders, the system orders one game year supplies and is triggered on time, to prevent shortages.

When new types of weapons are acquired or numbers of weapons change, the system will update itself to order whatever is needed for the new weapons and new size of the army.

Improvement of the health system, by adding hospitals and making sure the education system is tuned to produce the doctors and nurses that are needed for these hospitals.

Improving the transportation system and water treatment. Ordering roads, railroads and water treatment facilities.

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